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    首頁    海外知識產權    關于澳大利亞商標申請官費部分上調的通知

    7 August 2020
    IP Australia is changing some of our fees to ensure we continue to recover our costs from administering intellectual property (IP) rights and their associated legislation. The changes to our fees will commence from 12am AEDT, 1 October 2020*.

    These changes have been established from the review IP Australia has conducted over the past 19 months, including feedback received from public consultation. The changes have been carefully designed based on this feedback and in accordance with the Australian Government Charging Framework and the relevant Productivity Commission recommendations. Thank you to our customers who have contributed to this review.

    We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new fee arrangements for IP Australia’s products and services. A list ofthe fee changes can be viewed on our website.

    We recognise that many of our customers may be struggling with the impacts of COVID-19 and for anyone requiring support in relation to their IP Right, please refer toour business continuity page for further details.

    *Please note: Changes to Madrid Import Application fees are scheduled to commence from 12am AEDT, 7 November 2020.






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